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Opium Sunrise

by Opium Warlock

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PAR9NOID | UNDΞRGRØUND MΞTΛL SHØW 👁️FINALLY some REAL breaking-barrier music! 🎶 Digging into anything from Opium Warlock is like magic in that I find myself closing my eyes and am often taken to places not normally able to reach without other means of mind bending measures... FAN FOR LIFE!
🤘👁️🤘 Keep the thick cloud waves ripping, brother and all my best to you! Now where did that🐉 go?... time go catch it... 😤 see you on the flip side! Favorite track: Monolith Of Smoke (ft. Fulanno).
Drugs thumbnail
Drugs If you hate synth, skip to 4:30 Favorite track: Cocaine Witches.
providence_lost thumbnail
providence_lost Extremely low and crunchy. Thundering riffs with serious groove. This is some seriously good DOOM. Favorite track: Buddha's Dealer.
Andy K.
Andy K. thumbnail
Andy K. If my girl was as evil as the chick from Type O's Black # 1 this is what I'd listen to while we got it on.
Fuzzy Cracklins
Fuzzy Cracklins thumbnail
Fuzzy Cracklins Many months in the making with guest vocals by Fulanno and Ganja Mutt. Over an hour. This is Opium Warlock's magnum opus. Favorite track: Monolith Of Smoke (ft. Fulanno).
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The Swamp CD of the Month selection for February 2020.

"Over the last couple of years Opium Warlock has built up an eclectic collection of wild, ambient, psychedelic, nasty, and sometimes bizarre sludge/doom tunes, spread out over a variety of splits and EPs. But now with a little help from Fuzzy Cracklins Presents the project will see its first full-length album "Opium Sunrise" - twisting together every hazy and untamed aspect of the music that's come before. Opium Sunrise is filled with long, creeping songs that will leave unsure if you're high, sick, or dreaming. Full, fat, and occasionally brutish riffs gurgle in the depths, with a distorted rumbling that you can lose yourself in like you're gazing into a roaring fire. Sometimes synth lines that are simultaneously eerie and whimsical are layered on top and it creates a disorienting dynamic that will leave you feeling dizzy and delirious - a swirling trip falling down a bottomless pit. But don't let those moments get your guard down too much, because harsh and wretched sludge passages will reach out of the walls drag you into a world of ugly filth. But at the same time, don't keep your guard up too much, because you can also be wafted into a shadowy, ambient wonderland of abstract audio treasures. This album really is a trippy smorgasbord of dark and murky music. It's kind of like being in a haunted labyrinth funhouse, wandering around lost, finding a new kind of wicked curiosity in each room and corridor. It's a killer album - best experienced from start to end without any breaks - but it may be a bit hard to understand until you're knee deep in it, so put the record on already!" -Brandon (Super Dank Metal Jams)

"Hails from the Village, I have stepped foot among this filthy place again. For me the putrid smells, and humid air really make me feel at home. As we all got stoned around the fire last night, I decided to hunker down and listen to the new Opium Warlock album, and man did it send me spiraling into the abyss. This is some heavy shit, boys and girls. Opium Warlock is a band out of Prague and they deliver some of the best doom The Swamp has to offer.

The leading track, "Signals from Uranus," is layered in synths and bells. I may have just had a signal from my anus, and it's quite tingly. "Meth Desert" has some guest vocals from Ganja Mutt, and this man really knows how to make me tingle too. I think this song should have been called..."Signals from Uranus."
​"Buddha's Dealer," as we know, is one of Captain Graves' favorite tracks by the Opium Man. This retake is definitely a keeper for me. Getting stoned on top of a mountain of green? Count me the fuck IN. "Cocaine Witches" starts with some more of those wild synths, and then BOOM guitar solo with some down right dirty vocals. This kid has got the chops, that's for sure. "Monolith of Smoke" has another guest appearance, this time from Fullano. It delivers more of the sludge doom we know I hold so dearly and closely to my anus, yet another signal. "The Crying Wizard" is a sweet synth release, with the sounds of a record scratching. It makes you feel like you're listening to vinyl, and that's how the album ends, off into the madness"-Capt.Graves (Sleeping Village Reviews)


released October 31, 2019

Album was recorded somewhere between 2018-2019.

this album is about how hard it is to live and look for a place in this world if you are a lonely wizard with mental issues and he is also about drugs, depression, death and magic

Giant thanks to my friends from Ganja Mutt and Fulanno for their sick vocals on this album, thanks to Daphné for her beautiful art of Opium Sun. Special thanks to Fuzzy Cracklins for being not just a label guy but a good friend, and thanks to the all the Swamp Family

Fulanno -

Ganja Mutt -

Art by Daphné -


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Opium Warlock Prague, Czechia

Psychedelic Sludge From Prague

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